Body Shaming

Now I know I am a bigger person and that is something that I am working on. Things happened and I stopped caring but now I am back on track and I am working on my health. I went to go visit someone who I thought was a friend for the 4th of July but I only lasted 24 hours in Dallas than had to head home. My friend had been drinking a lot for some reason she wanted to drink the same amount as me and drinking vodka is something that I do a lot. I was standing in her kitchen drinking water because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get too crazy and that’s when the incident happened. I had never been attacked like I had been by someone who I thought was my friend, she decided to tell me what her and her mother have talked about my weight before and then told me I was going to be on the 600 pound life show (I am nowhere near 600 pounds) and then she tried to force me to go on a scale. At that point I felt awful about myself and I started to text people because I never felt so uncomfortable in a situation before. The next morning I called her out on the stuff that she said and she didn’t remember anything that she said, which really struck a nerve with me. I decided to pack my bag and get on the first flight home. I wasn’t able to stay in the same house as someone where I didn’t even want to look at their face. This person decided at that point to act like the victim and I couldn’t deal with her crying it didn’t happen to her she was the one who opened her big fat mouth and said what she was thinking even though she was really drunk. Once I got home I needed to clear my head and get rid of the negative energy which counted as cutting her out of my life. I have realized in the week that I have not spoken with her there has been a lot less negative energy in my life as all of her texts are negative. Don’t ever feel ashamed of your body and who you are, own who you are and don’t let what other people say affect your life and if you do use it to change your life and get rid of the negative energy in your life to help your mental health. 


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